Aug 182016

Dave Creighton Jr. and Brett Ridge are back for a 13th year of The Hawkeye Huddle; the longest continuously running Hawkeye radio show in central Iowa and the longest running Hawkeye podcast on the internet with thousands of weekly subscribers around the world!

Since 1994, listeners have enjoyed David’s and Brett’s perspective on all of the news in the world of the Iowa Hawkeyes as best friends who are not only media members but who also truly bleed black and gold.

With nearly 400 broadcasts under their belt, their insightful, emotional, and spirited conversations have made The Hawkeye Huddle the choice for Hawkeye fans who want complete insider’s knowledge with no-holds barred opinions.

Catch them live at 5PM CST every Tuesday starting August 23rd on…

1700AM KBBG Radio (Central Iowa)

1490AM The Jock (Indianola, Osceola, Des Moines)

Mediacom Channel 22 DSM and 822 (Des Moines & surrounding Midwest states) (live and podcast) (live & podcast)

XM Radio 93 (worldwide rerun)


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Aug 072016

Football media day is always a little like a holiday for me, not a day off, but certainly both celebratory and a signpost on the calendar. Much like Independence Day, (4th of July), sort of marks the middle of summer, so too this day marks the downhill run into football season.

This year’s event was no different in that regard.

When I first started attending, the first chunk of the festivities was held at the old Ironman Inn where we were treated to a fairly sizable, albeit modest, cold meat sandwich buffet. (Hayden used to have fried chicken). Kirk’s opening press conference was held at the hotel as well.

When the new press box digs were erected, the lunch and presser were moved to the club level of the box. And then a few years back, suddenly lunch was gone, reduced to a plate full of cookies, pop and water. I guess they realized that they didn’t owe us anything because we were the ones using their product to make money. They even moved the event to the less scenic Carver Hawkeye Arena that feels a lot more like…well…a hotel (again).

This year’s event was no different in the regard either. (I had a white chocolate macadamia with a diet coke.)

And, with no real off-field issues over the summer to speak of, the presser was no different either (no arrests, moped accidents, rhabdo, or even egg eating) . Kirk went through every position, talked about the leaders, the guys who need to step up, and the need to “get back to work” and to “get better every day”. We got one, maybe two Kirk snorts after comments that he found funny and then listened to local media from around the state ask questions about players from their particular market so that the could put a “local” spin on whatever story they were doing.

Same old, same old.

Yes, it is certainly noticeable over the years that  the personalities in the room change. In my time, we have lost Zabel, missed the presence of the Big Shoe (Ron Gonder), and, of course this year felt the noticeable void of the man with the cassette tape recorder…the legendary Bob Brooks. Young faces pop up behind the cameras and a few in front. Some new kids jump in with their recorders and a notepad of questions straight out of the journalism handbook.

But the changing of the guard in the media isn’t really new either.

So what was it? The answer is simple…..there was one new line of questioning….one that I can only remember hearing once….likely in 2010. But this time it seemed even a little more earnest. That line: “What is like to be the hunted?”

After a 12 win season with road wins at Wisconsin and Nebraska, a Big 10 West Championship, a defensive back recognized as a consensus All-American, a wild and exciting appearance in the Big Ten Championship,  a Rose Bowl appearance and a brief flirting with the College Football Playoff; Iowa is ranked 15th in the country and the closest thing to a consensus pick to win the Big Ten West.

Everyone on the schedule has revenge on their mind. (If I’m not mistaken, only Penn State can say they beat Iowa the last time they played. And they are still smarting from the 2008 upset in Kinnick and pounding at home in 2009).

Everyone on the schedule sees Iowa as THE team that is in their way to the championship or at least some glory.

This, my friends,… new.

The players gave the standard answer…..”All we can do is work hard to get better every day” (yes, its a trend for those of you betting in Vegas. It’s Ferentz-speak). But what are they supposed to say?

Still, while this team is all smiles, I got the distinct feeling that unlike the 2010 team, this group feels it has unfinished business. Many of them are noticeable bigger…and presumably stronger. And none of them wanted to talk about last year…I mean, at all.

Hmmm….good things. Good things I think.

Media Day 2016…same old, same old? Not so much.


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Jun 282016

The National Iowa Varsity Club and the University of Iowa Athletics Department announced Tuesday that Gayle Blevins, Tyler Cleveland, Toni Foster, Dave Haight, Sean McCarty, Kimberly Stevens, and T.J. Williams will represent the 2016 Hall of Fame class.
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